Achieve a higher level of finish for your demanding projects

When your projects demand perfection, choose Continental’s Rapid Deco® Level 5 System. It addresses the performance and design requirements for critical lighting and specialized wall treatments, helping you create an ideal canvas that’s an art form in itself.


Decorative wall and ceiling treatments can add life and atmosphere to a space, but they can also reveal the unsightly effects of a lower level finish. Incorporating Continental’s Rapid Deco® Level 5 System makes it easy and efficient to achieve a smooth, monolithic finish that stands up to even the most critical applications. Composed of Continental’s skim-coated Bison Board™ drywall and complementary joint compound, the system is the first of its kind in North America. Each component works together to help achieve a seamless and smooth finish — helping you enhance interior spaces and realize your intended design.



Lighting and wall treatments (particularly metallic and writable surfaces) look their best when surfaces are as uniform and consistent as possible. The final skim-coat phase of a Level 5 finish minimizes the possibility of unsightly joints, fastener fills and surface inconsistencies that might otherwise show through a finish. A Level 5 finish provides what a Level 4 finish cannot: a truly uniform surface both in terms of texture and absorption. Rapid Deco simplifies this process by eliminating the need to apply the final skim coat on site.


The Rapid Deco Level 5 System installs with the same speed and ease as a Level 4 finish — saving time, labor, and money. The system’s skim-coated drywall and complementary joint compound produce consistently smooth walls and ceilings, finished in a fraction of the time it takes with standard Level 5 methods. Rapid Deco’s skim coat is factory-applied as opposed to hand- or spray-applied. This not only speeds up installation, but also creates a more consistent finish than could ever be achieved on site.


Once a Level 4 finish is complete, additional resources are traditionally required to achieve a Level 5 finish. With Rapid Deco, you can avoid the need for these extra steps.

FEWER MATERIALS and supplies, without the need for skim-coat phase.
LESS TIME on the job to apply the skim coat and sand all surfaces smooth.
LESS LABOR without the need for the highly skilled task of hand- or spray-applying the skim coat.

This all adds significant savings over jobs that specify a ‘standard’ Level 5 finish.