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Continental Rapid Coat® finishing products and Rapid Joint® Setting Compound get your job done faster. Rapid Coat® finishing products are premixed and ready to use right out of the container, saving time and money. And now, they’re better than ever. Explore our new and improved formulations below.

Ready Mix Solutions


View all of our Joint Compounds including All-Purpose, Lightweight, Low Dust & Level 5. Trusted by Professionals. Available at a Retail Store Near You.

  • Rapid Coat® Midweight Joint Compound

    The midweight you depend on. Specifically designed for professional use, our midweight mud combines the workability you...

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  • Rapid Coat® Extra Lightweight Joint Compound

    Continental Building Products Rapid Coat® Extra Lightweight is an all-purpose joint compound, ideal for use in all...

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  • Rapid Coat® Lightweight Joint Compound

    Rapid Coat® Lightweight Joint Drywall Compound is lighter than conventional all-purpose joint compound products (30% less weight)....

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  • Rapid Deco® Level 5 Joint Compound

    A better finish, faster! Shave days off your timeline and achieve a nearly flawless finish. Our innovative...

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  • Rapid Coat® Versa Pro Joint Compound

    Rapid Coat® Versa Pro is an all-purpose, professional grade joint compound, ideal for use in all phases...

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  • Rapid Coat® Pro All Purpose Lite Joint Compound

    Red box, done right! Our original all purpose mud performs well in every finishing scenario. The easy-to-use...

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  • Rapid Coat® Low Dust Joint Compound

    Get done faster with less mess. Perfect for any size job, our Low Dust® Joint Compound mud...

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  • Rapid Coat® All Purpose Joint Compound

    Better than ever. Ideal for use in all phases of gypsum board finishing, we improved our all...

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Setting Finishing Solutions


Continental Rapid Joint® Drywall Joint Compound is Available in Four Set Times: 20 To 35 Minutes; 30 To 60 Minutes; 60 To 120 Minutes; And 180 To 300 Minutes

  • Rapid Joint® Setting Compound

    Continental Rapid Joint is a chemically activated setting-type joint compound with time-controlled hardening properties.

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