Continental Plasterbase is a base-layer gypsum board used for interior veneer plaster-finished walls and ceilings.


Continental Plasterbase is a base-layer gypsum board used for interior veneer plaster-finished walls and ceilings.

The board has a non-combustible gypsum core, covered with blue paper facings on the front, back, and long edges. The special-bonding blue veneer face paper creates an optimum plaster "working" rate and increases plaster adhesion. The board will accommodate up to two veneer plaster finish coats.

Plasterbase is designed for use in applications that require direct mechanical attachment to wood or metal framing. For best plaster working and adhesion properties, the veneer plaster should be applied as soon as possible after board installation.

While Plasterbase has some inherent fire resistance characteristics, this product is not intended to provide levels of fire resistance required by various building codes and standards and should not be used for such purposes. For fire resistance, use Continental Firecheck® Plasterbase Type X.

Product Notification

Note: Plasterbase is suitable for interior applications only, and should not be used where temperatures exceed 125 degrees F for extended periods or in areas of extreme humidity. Likewise, the board should be protected from exposure to adverse conditions during storage and construction. The special facing paper is unsuitable as a base for adhesive applications such as tile or paint.


Plasterbase is designed as a base layer for veneer plaster systems in both residential and commercial construction applications. It is used for:

Interior walls
Interior ceilings


Ease of Installation: Fast installation similar to regular drywall.

Compatibility: Provides a strong bonding surface for gypsum veneer plasters that meet ASTM C 587.

Identification: Dark blue face paper clearly distinguishes Plasterbase from regular drywall.

Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics:

Core: Non-combustible, dimensionally stable, inert gypsum

Paper: 100 percent recycled; front and edges = blue, back = gray

Long Edges: Tapered

Asbestos free; GREENGUARD certified, listed as a low-emitting


Sustainability: Can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Credit Qualification in several categories to assist in obtaining LEED certification. Visit for more details on specific credit contribution and documentation.


Wear safety glasses and NIOSH-approved respirators during cutting, breaking, rasping, or other dust-producing activities.

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