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Find the standard and specialty drywall solutions you need to do the job right.

Continental BISON BOARD products exceed building requirements and deliver unmatched quality and consistency.

Mold Defense Drywall Products

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    Mold Defense® Type X

    Mold Defense Type X is a gypsum board enhanced with glass fibers to provide greater strength and fire protection for int…

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    Mold Defense® Shaftliner Type X

    Continental Mold Defense Shaftliner Type X drywall is designed for use as lining in elevator shafts, ventilation shafts …

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    Mold Defense®

    Mold Defense Drywall is mold resistant drywall designed for use in interior wall and ceiling applications and offers enh…

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Finish Bison Strong

To complement its full range of BISON BOARD products, Continental has developed a top quality line of finishing products designed to meet the varied needs of building professionals.

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