Wednesday May 6, 2015

Getting on Board

Continental Bison Board Makes Bold Splash in Long Beach at AWCI’s Intex Expo

by Marketing Communications

Continental Bison Board stands proud at Intex in Long Beach.

Long Beach, California played host to this year’s Intex Expo, organized by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI). Building on last year’s brand launch, Continental Building Products boldly announced its presence with a dynamic and engaging booth display for visitors of the trade show and the concurrent AWCI Convention, held from April 27 to April 30.

This year Continental emphasized the strength, consistency and durability of its wallboard. The booth featured large samples of Bison Board ranging from Continental’s recently unveiled Liftlite® Firecheck® 30 to Rapid Deco®, the only gypsum board in North America to come with a factory-applied Level 5 finish. “We’re proud to showcase the quality of our Bison Board here at Intex,” says Robbe Pearson, Senior Director, Marketing and Commercial Performance. “Since all of our plants produce board using synthetic gypsum, we can provide a consistent product to our customers across all of our North American markets.”

On the front face of the 20×20 foot booth’s centerpiece tower, a video montage brought to life the production process of both Bison Board and Rapid Deco® joint compound. The video ended with images from jobsites depicting the installation and finishing processes, offering visitors a glimpse into the entire lifecycle of Continental’s signature products.


Surf’s Up

In honor of the host city, Continental commissioned the production of a 12-foot high stand-up paddleboard, decked out in Continental green and emblazoned with the Bison Board logo. Showgoers snapped photos of themselves with the board and commented on its sleek design. “It was definitely a crowd pleaser,” says Mr. Pearson, who spearheaded the board’s creation. “We wanted something fun yet meaningful that would help promote Continental’s brand, and I think the paddleboard really helped draw people to our booth.”

Riding the wave of a successful Intex Expo, Continental is now gearing up for next week’s American Institute of Architects convention and expo in Atlanta, where attendees visit Continental’s booth #2717 for a chance to win an Apple Watch!