Monday September 21, 2015

Building Success at the National Building Museum

by Marketing Communications

Buckets of fun at the 2015 Big Build!

A stream of eager junior builders lined up at the four foot-high, three-pronged wall structure that comprised Continental’s Joint Compound Application Station at the 2015 Big Build held at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC on Saturday. As dozens of children wearing plastic hard hats emblazoned with bison stickers diligently slathered Rapid Coat® Lightweight compound onto LiftLite® walls, a score more patiently waited to receive plastic taping knives from Roger Melton, Continental’s Technical Field Representative.

Roger, his hands caked in white mud, made each participant pass a test before handing out a compound-covered knife. “Give me five!” he would say, transferring a bit of compound onto each child’s hands after a successful high-five. “You can’t be afraid to get a little dirty!”

Though a parent or two may have balked at the test, the children were more than happy to earn their stripes along with a splotch of compound on their hands and tee-shirts. Roger has organized Continental’s participation in The Big Build for over a decade, first as Lafarge, and now as Continental. The event, held annually since 2001, again attracted thousands of visitors, offering Continental and dozens of other building industry organizations and manufacturers ample opportunity to engage with the public.

Joining in the Fun

Led by Roger, several Continental employees and family members helped show children and adults alike the proper way to apply compound. “I’m exhausted,” said Steve Leonard, a Continental employee participating in the event for the second time. “But seeing smiles on the faces of all the children who came by our station is totally worth it.”

As usual, some parents found it nearly impossible to pull their children away from the activity. Aja, a nine-year-old with a particularly heightened sense of detail and dedication, said she enjoyed the station because “it gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

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Aja at work.


Big brother shows the way.


Two hands!


Don’t be afraid to get a little mud on your hands!


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